Dr Oz & Stepp Stewart: Butt Workout: New Year, New Rear

Dr Oz brought Stepp Stewart back on the Dr Oz Show to teach us a new Butt Workout called New Year New Rear.  Stepp Stewart has been a fairly regular guest for Doctor Oz – take a look at the following segment recaps:Stepp Stewart Choreographs on Rocky’s Steps in Phily, Banish Bat Wings: Arm Exercises by Stepp Stewart and Stepp Stewart Summer Workout Plan.

Dr Oz: New Year, New Rear

Below are the four moves that Stepp Stewart taught Dr Oz and his audience to help get your Dr Oz Butt Workoutbutt in shape.  Dr Oz asked if dancing can really help improve your “rear” and Stepp said that dancers have the best butts in the business, so definitely!  Each of the following four steps are connected by what Stepp called a transition step where you squat down slightly with your legs spread out and bounce up and down a little.

Stepp Stewart: Booty Blaster

The first step is the Booty Blaster, which you do by kicking out to the left twice (like a karate kick) and then repeat on the other side.  This move is great for your butt and for balance.

Stepp Stewart: Drive a Car

The second step looks like you are driving a car.  Place your hand in front of you and move it like you are steering a car, while simultaneously squatting down a little and squeezing your butt.

Step Stewart: Hot Cross Buns

The third step is called Hot Cross Buns and you kick back twice and then hold the position – you can do whatever you want with your arms.  Then repeat with your other leg.

Stepp Stewart: Walking The Dog

The final step is called Walking the Dog and you put your arms out like you are holding onto your dog by the reigns, squat, and pull to the left and the right.

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