Dr Oz & Stepp Stewart: Learn Some New Dance Moves

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Dr Oz & Stepp Stewart: Learn Some New Dance Moves

By on April 14, 2011

Dr Oz: Stepp Stewart’s Dance Moves

Dr Oz brought Stepp Stewart back onto his show to reveal his secret for dropping a dress size.  However, I highly doubt that Stepp Stewart ever wears a dress!  But he is living proof that you can shed pounds through dancing, because he used to weigh 220 pounds.  I was surprised to see what Stepp Stewart used to look like, but it is amazing how today he does not seem to have a drop of fat on his body all because of dancing and eating a healthy diet!

Dr Oz: Salt & Pepper

Stepp’s first dance move was called Salt and Pepper.  Put your right arm out in front of your body, and use your other arm to hit above your right arm and then Stepp Stewartswing it around to hit under your right arm.

Dr Oz: Twist & Shout

For this Dance Move, you twist your arms and hips while tilting your head to the side so that you can shout.

Dr Oz: Strut Your Stuff

This Dance Move looks awfully similar to what used to be called the Running Man move.  Slide one leg back, and then alternate sliding the next leg back.

Dr Oz: Jackson 5

We have all seen the Jackson 5 do this move where you step out and cross your other leg behind.  Snapping your fingers makes it look even more authentic.

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