Dr Oz & Stepp Stewart: Surprise Dance Class & Dr Oz Backup Dancers

Dr Oz was joined by Stepp Stewart to surprise a dance class full of Doctor Oz’s Biggest Fans who were dying to strut their stuff on the Dr Oz Show.  So, Stepp Stewart showed up at their dance studio and brought them back to be Dr Oz’s Backup Dancers for Dr Oz’s Surprise Party.

Dr Oz: Stepp Stewart Surprise Workout

Stepp Stewart is always so full of energy and inspiring.  I sure wish I could dance as well as he can!  Here are the steps that he taught: Dr Oz Stepp Stewart

Dr Oz: Washing Machine

Stepp Stewart said that you have to put a little agitation into this move.  Stand to the side and twist your hips to move your body forward for eight counts and then backwards for eight counts – kind of like a washing machine that is shimmying across the laundry room floor.

Dr Oz: Lawnmower

Stepp Stewart’s next move is called the Lawnmower, which he said is hard for the New Jersey dancers because they never mow their own grass.  To do The Lawnmower, reach across your body with one arm and pull up at a diagonal like you are trying to start a lawnmower.  Repeat with your other arm pulling up diagonally from the other side.  Then switch back to the first side and pull up twice.

Dr Oz: Knick Knack Patty Back

Step Stewart’s final move is called Knick Knack Patty Back and your cross one arm to hit the opposite thigh, then cross the other arm to hit your other thigh, then criss cross your arms and hit both thighs and throw your arms up in the air – all while saying Knick Knack Patty Back!

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