Dr Oz: Stepp Stewart’s Disco Dance Moves

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Dr Oz: Stepp Stewart’s Disco Dance Moves

By on September 12, 2011

Dr Oz: Disco Dance Moves

Dr Oz brought Stepp Stewart back onto his show for the Season 3 Premiere Show!  Doctor Oz and Stepp Stewart showed us some great Disco Dance Moves that give us a great cardio workout and strength training all at the same time.  Every woman over 40, and even those of you who are younger, should be dancing to stay in shape.  Disco dancing is a great way to jump-start your metabolism, so burn baby burn!  Here is a summary of Stepp Stewart’s Dance Moves:

1.  John Travolta’s Up Cross – you know how this move goes, it is the classic Disco move.  Point one finger up in the air and then point it down across your body. Dr Oz Dance Steps

2.  Hustle and Flow – jump up and point your toe out to the side, then roll your arms as you move forward and clap, and then go backwards and clap.

3.  The Bump – Jump forwards and bump butts with the person standing next to you.  Then jump around 180 degrees so you are facing the opposite direction, and bump butts again.

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