Dr Oz & Susie Q: Ultimate Flab Buster Workout


Dr Oz brought onto his show a fabulous lady named Susie Q to teach a unique way to dance and burn fat to lose weight.  Doctor Oz is forever preaching to us that our waist size is a critical factor for good overall health, so why not try to whittle our waists with Susie Q’s Ultimate Flab Buster Workout!  As always, I will do my best to describe her 3 moves to a thin waist! Dr Oz Ultimate Flab Buster Workout

Dr Oz & Susie Q’s 3 Dance Moves:

1.  Ride The Train


  1. Wanda says

    Will she be doing a video for the Ultimate Flab Buster Workout? I need visual. Please let me know when she has that exercise on a video. Thanks

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