Dr Oz: The Good Life Magazine Announcement & Holiday Dance Party


Dr Oz: Exercise to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Since most of us will probably consume an entire day’s worth of calories while eating our holiday meals, Dr. Oz has created a dance party to get you moving to burn off as many of those calories as possible. He asked for the help of fitness expert Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife Sharon to come up with a fun plan to get you started!

Dr Oz: Billy Blanks, Jr Holiday Dance Party

Dr Oz: The Good Life Magazine Announcement & Holiday Dance Party

Don’t forget to stay active during the holidays and avoid holiday weight gain with a dance party!



  1. Alice Handel says

    Please cover homosexuality. Discuss it as it is, a part of human life. Please try to explain it to promote it’s acceptance by society. It is not an evil. It is not against the Bible. It is not a sin. It is not a choice. It is probably biologically based. These are good human beings that are just trying to live life and connect in a romantic way to members of their own sex. Please explain this so people can understand it and will stop rejecting our gay fellow human beings.

  2. Carol Fusfield says

    Dr Oz – Regarding weight loss in women 65-80. I would like you to give some tips on how to
    look your best after losing 40+ lbs. How can a women firm up her skin after such a big loss.

    Lets see some older women on your TV show.

    Also I am interested in your magazine when it becomes available.

  3. says

    You’re absolutely right – exercise is so important!
    Because otherwise there’s SO much more work to do to lose weight in the New Year.
    I’ve got some more tips on my site (no dieting, just helpful hints on how to prevent weight gain over the holidays).
    Thanks so much for these excellent tips!

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