Dr Oz: Tiffany Rothe YouTube Exercise Videos & Dr Oz Funny Viral Video


Dr Oz: Tiffany Rothe YouTube Workout

Dr Oz revealed his favorite Free Health Apps and No Bake Recipes found online. But when it comes to workouts, he saved the best Internet advice for last. More than 25 million viewers have found Tiffany Rothe workouts on YouTube. Find out what makes her so popular with viewers around the world.

Dr Oz: Tiffany Rothe Exercise Videos on YouTube

Dr Oz welcomed fitness pro Tiffany Rothe to his show, saying he loved her workouts. But he had to ask how she became so popular, and success surprised even her, especially in this new digital era.

Tiffany Rothe is Pregnant!

Dr Oz: Tiffany Rothe Booty Shake & Figure 8

Dr Oz got ideas from YouTube fitness expert Tiffany Rothe, including her most popular workout exercise moves, like the Booty Shake & Figure 8.

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