Dr Oz Yoga Poses for Tension Headaches, Lower Back Pain & Hip Pain


Dr Oz: Cobra Yoga Pose, Pigeon Pose & Forward Bend

Dr. Oz and Steve Ross have been sharing the health benefits of yoga, including how it can bring you joy and reshape your body. They demonstrated how you can get started right at home with the two most simple yoga poses, upward and downward facing dog, but they are not done yet. Now learn a Yoga Headache Cure and how yoga can relieve your biggest aches and pains including lower back pain with yoga poses including the Forward Bend (for tension headaches), the Cobra Pose (for lower back pain) and the Pigeon Pose (for tight hip pain)!

Can Yoga Cure a Headache? How Do You Cure Lower Back Pain with Yoga?

Yoga Cure for Tension Headache

Steve Ross & Dr Oz shared yoga poses that cure tension headaches (Forward Bend), lower back pain (Cobra Pose) and tight hips (Pigeon Pose).


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