Kudzu Root, Fat Busting Brownie Recipe & Dr Oz’s Derriere Diet

By on February 22, 2012

Dr Oz: Butt Diet

Doctor Oz has been talking about weight loss supplements a lot recently from Saffron Extract to suppress your appetite to Raspberry Ketones.  On today’s show, Dr Oz got realer than real. Did you know that women today are 24 lbs heavier than 50 years ago? You may think your butt hasn’t become larger, but how can you tell with everything expanding to accommodate your backside? Movie seats have expanded more than 6 inches and your car seatbelt is 20 inches wider than before. The junk in your trunk may be expanding and you might not even realize it!

Dr Oz had several brave women on the stage wearing nothing but a pair of briefs and a t-shirt to show off their butts. Diana, one of the biggest women on the stage, told Doctor Oz that she hated her butt and had been trying to get rid of it for a long time.

Dr Oz Derriere Diet

Dr Oz's Derriere Diet will make your butt smaller in no time!

Other women on the stage stated that they would love to make their butt smaller or that they were always trying to hide their butts because they were ashamed of the size. One woman told Dr Oz that she tried to emphasize her good features and draw less attention to her backside. (I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez on this show, huh?)

How Fat Works

Dr Oz had Diana grab the gloves. (Here it comes, folks!) He pulled back the sheet and uncovered the subcutaneous fat on the butt. Our bodies have layers of fat. These layers build up. Deep under the fat, there are the butt muscles, which are tough. The butt is the first place we gain weight and the toughest place to lose weight because the body wants fat there. When we sit, we stretch out fat and when you do you that, you generate new fat cells. In other words, we get fatter when we sit around all day long. (I could’ve told you that!) Dr Oz wants to take away a layer a fat so you can have gorgeous buns of steel!

Dr Oz: Fat Butt Diet Plan

Mimi, an audience member, felt her butt was “sloppy” and most of the women agree. Other words used were to describe the posterior were “saggy,” “jiggly,” and “dimpled.”

Derriere Diet

It’s all about eating the carbs, baby! (Yesssss!) Dr Oz says carbs should be the main calorie source. (Wait, what? Have the heavens just opened up?) Bring on the pasta and the bread because complex carbs bring you energy, but don’t bring the fat. Butt cells are magnets for fat. (This, I know!)

– 275 g of carbs per day

– 150g of protein per day

– 34 g fat per day


–  buckwheat
– blueberry pancakes


– chicken
– whole-wheat tortilla
– black beans
– corn


– lean turkey meatloaf
– whole-wheat bread crumbs
– mashed potatoes
– whole-wheat bun

Dr Oz Kudzu Root Supplement Pill

Take 100mg of this booty buster supplement per day. Try it and see if it works for you. Purchase Kudzu Root in vitamin stores for $8.

Dr Oz Fat Busting Brownie Recipe

1 cup of raw cacao powder
¼ tsp cayenne
2 tsp cinnamon
½ cup of low-fat milk
1 cup of organic raisins
1 cup of oats

Blend ingredients together and leave oats aside. Add oats last, blend again. Place in the fridge. No baking is involved in this Fat Busting Brownie recipe. Doctor Oz says to take the brownie like a medication 2x per day (once in the morning and oncee in the afternoon).

Dr Oz: Butt Busting Workout Cheat Sheet

Get off the couch and kick some butt with Dr Oz’s 7 Days of Butt Busting Workouts Cheat Sheet!

Donkey Kick

– get on hands and knees
– kick up left leg
– keep core strong
– kick higher
– more advanced can kick across

If you do the exercises in conjunction with the other 3 steps, you will bust your butt!

Astragalus Root: Lose Weight While You Sleep

Doctor Oz has 3 simple tips to follow every night to ensure you lose weight all day long.

– Eat raisins or dried fruit during the day. This will keep you full and provide energy. Bonus: you’ll have wake up and go poop.

– Take 200mg of Astragalus Root an hour before bed.

– Drink 2% milk before bedtime. Milk contains tryptophan, which will help you fall asleep faster.

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Comments to Kudzu Root, Fat Busting Brownie Recipe & Dr Oz’s Derriere Diet


  2. I’m celiac, can’t eat oats. Any other suggestions for the brownies?


  3. I need the butt cheat sheet did u forget to post?

  4. Hey Judy, try qunioa flakes, found at whole foods, cook just like instant oatmeal. I’m sure buckwheat or any other while grain would work as well. Good luck

  5. I meant whole grain, that is gluten free of course

  6. Dear Dr.Oz
    i love the recipes you post and show and explain on your show i love the weight loss recipes!




    Where is the exercise print out sheet?


  10. I would like to know what the teas were that Doc. Oz had on the show Feb. 22,20012. One was chikweed but I didn’t get the other two. thanks

  11. yes what were the names of the teas on the feb 22 show…..and where is that butt work out sheet, im not finding it along with others…thanks i learn so much from your show i love it!!

  12. I need a cheat sheet for the 7 exercises – show said it would be posted?

  13. Diana Ilecki says:

    Dr oz recommended Pu-erh, white tea, chickweed, and bilberry.

  14. Dr. Oz recommends taking 100 mg of kudzu root, but all i can find is 1,000 mg and higher. This seems strange to me. Has anyone had luck in finding this lower mg? I don’t know if there are side effects from this higher mg so nervous to try.

  15. Maria Ariza says:

    Hi Nicole, i found swanson vitamins website Kudzu root 500 mg. Can’t find 100 mg.

  16. Maria Ariza says:

    Did Dr. Oz say to take one pill a day of Kudzu root??

  17. I found 150mg at bestpricenutrition.com. Dr. Oz recommended 100 mg at breakfast and I thought he said you could also take it with lunch, too. I think I will try both meals, need all the help I can get. Also, this website is awesome and bundles supplements that Dr. Oz recommends, like the raspberry keytones and cla, which I’m also interested in to fight belly fat.

  18. Linda Kiehl says:

    You can get 150 mg. of kudzu root at amazon

  19. vfmaples says:

    In response to Judith who is gluten free. Bob’s Red Mill has gluten free Oats.

  20. Butt cheat workout can be found right here as posted.

  21. Below is the link to the cheat sheet for the fat butt busting workout for those who are unable to locate it on the website.


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