Kudzu Root, Fat Busting Brownie Recipe & Dr Oz’s Derriere Diet


Dr Oz: Butt Diet

Doctor Oz has been talking about weight loss supplements a lot recently from Saffron Extract to suppress your appetite to Raspberry Ketones.  On today’s show, Dr Oz got realer than real. Did you know that women today are 24 lbs heavier than 50 years ago? You may think your butt hasn’t become larger, but how can you tell with everything expanding to accommodate your backside? Movie seats have expanded more than 6 inches and your car seatbelt is 20 inches wider than before. The junk in your trunk may be expanding and you might not even realize it!


  1. Donnie says

    Hey Judy, try qunioa flakes, found at whole foods, cook just like instant oatmeal. I’m sure buckwheat or any other while grain would work as well. Good luck

  2. patty says

    yes what were the names of the teas on the feb 22 show…..and where is that butt work out sheet, im not finding it along with others…thanks i learn so much from your show i love it!!

  3. says

    Dr. Oz recommends taking 100 mg of kudzu root, but all i can find is 1,000 mg and higher. This seems strange to me. Has anyone had luck in finding this lower mg? I don’t know if there are side effects from this higher mg so nervous to try.

  4. Maria Ariza says

    Hi Nicole, i found swanson vitamins website Kudzu root 500 mg. Can’t find 100 mg.

  5. says

    I found 150mg at bestpricenutrition.com. Dr. Oz recommended 100 mg at breakfast and I thought he said you could also take it with lunch, too. I think I will try both meals, need all the help I can get. Also, this website is awesome and bundles supplements that Dr. Oz recommends, like the raspberry keytones and cla, which I’m also interested in to fight belly fat.

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