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Welcome to the the Chat Room! This is the spot where Doctor Oz's fans gather to talk to other fans from around the world. You are invited to chat, provide encouragement, support one another, ask questions, compare notes, etc. In our fan community, even criticism is allowed (just be polite and fact-based)! The objective is to make it easier to exchange and understand the information provided to us by America's favorite doctor and, more importantly, to make us smarter about our health. Do you have comments or questions while you are watching Dr. Oz's television show? Say something - either in the chat room or in the comments sections under each article. Have you ever wanted to learn more about something you read in one of of Dr. Oz's books? If you join the chat room, you may find someone that has already done the research. Did you start to hear something on Dr. Oz's radio show but missed it because you arrived at your destination? Ask your fellow fans in the chat room.
This is our place...so, fellow fans, take your cup of coffee (or other drink), relax, and join the conversation!

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