Dr Oz: 21 Day Summer Slimdown Meal Plan & 100 Calorie Freezer Snacks


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Dr. Oz sat down with the fat-fighting duo of Billy Blanks Jr. and his wife Sharon Catherine to talk about their 21 Day Summer Slimdown program to help you burn calories and lose weight by following their workout and diet plan! They shared the guidelines to follow and a metabolism-boosting drink that will have you burning more calories than ever before!

21 Day Summer Slimdown Meal Plan

Billy Blanks Jr., creator of Dance it Out, says when creating the meal plan for his 21 Day Summer Slimdown plan he and his wife, Sharon, focused on what time of day you need to eat certain foods. He says it is important to load up on carbs earlier in the day so you can burn them off when you work out.

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