Dr Oz: Alkaline vs Acid-Forming Foods & Increased Diabetes Risk

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Dr Oz: Alkaline vs Acid-Forming Foods & Increased Diabetes Risk

By on January 13, 2014

Dr Oz: Too Much Dairy Leads to Diabetes?

Could you be poisoning your body and not even know it? Dr. Oz says the foods you eat could be causing a toxic acid overload and that why today’s show is all about his toxic acid takedown and fighting inflammation. You could be increasing your risk for Type 2 Diabetes, kidney disease and even weight gain and not even realize it, but there is a new food category that could change all that!

Dr Oz: Foods That Cause Toxic Overload

Dr Oz: Alkaline vs Acid-Forming Foods & Increased Diabetes Risk

Dr Oz says the foods you eat could be increasing your risk for Diabetes and weight gain. They include refined carbs and high-fat dairy.

Dr. Oz says there is a brand new food category that could detoxify your body and reduce your risk for certain diseases. Alkaline foods have the ability to neutralize toxic acid in your body and that is why Dr. Oz wants them in your diet starting right now.

These foods could literally hold the key to preventing Diabetes and preventing weight gain, which is why Dr. Oz is so passionate about them, especially since they include many fruits and vegetables.

Dietitian Ashley Koff says it is all about balance, so she is not suggesting you eliminate all acid-forming foods, but she does recommend adding more alkaline foods to your diet because they improve digestion and prevent certain health issues.

Foods that cause toxic overload:

  • Refined carbs
  • High-Fat dairy
  • Animal proteins

Ashley Koff says that while it might be challenging to get rid of these foods completely, it is important to limit your intake of them in order to maintain good health.

Dr Oz: Acid-Forming vs Alkaline-Forming Foods

While many of us might associate acidic foods with how they taste on the tongue, that is not exactly what Dr. Oz is talking about. Ashley Koff explains it is more about what certain foods do once they are in the body that can begin to cause a problem. She says to instead think of them as acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods to better understand what happens when you eat them.

When you digest foods they get broken down, but in the case of acid-forming foods your kidneys have to work harder, which can lead to hormonal problems and lead to weight gain or Diabetes. However, when you eat alkaline-forming foods, they literally create a protective shield around the kidneys to keep the acid-forming foods from causing harm.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Alkaline vs Acid-Forming Foods & Increased Diabetes Risk

  1. Ken Znidersic says:

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoy watching your show since we both retired. Challenge we see is how best to implement all the various suggestions. Would like to see 1/4’ly recaps with Dr Oz’s suggestions. Would also like an episode expanding on the pros and cons of the wide variety of grains including benefits, if any, of sprouted grains.

  2. claudia says:

    can you tell me the name of the book some thing like drippin acid, i saw it in mexico the show was about acid food and reflux the silent killer, pease also the author`s name

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