Dr Oz: Antifreeze In Fast Food & Beef Additives In French Fries?


Dr Oz: Fast Food Secrets

You probably know that fast food is not an ideal daily diet, but to show you what is really going on in fast food kitchens, Dr Oz assembled a team of insiders to dish the dirt on his show. Let’s Get Real host Erica Wides, author Robyn O’Brien (“the Erin Brockovich of food”) and health commissioner Peter DeLucia shared their findings with Dr Oz’s audience, including antifreeze ingredients and beef additives all over the menu.

Dr Oz: What Fast Food Doesn’t Want You To Know

Robyn O’Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth, pointed out that fast food menu items can contain as many as 50 ingredients, and with 25% of Americans eating fast food daily, that should be cause for alarm. She said fast food consumption has been linked to everything from asthma to eczema.

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