Dr Oz: Anxiety Scale Test & Eat Shrimp, Pumpkin Seeds To Lower Anxiety


Dr Oz: Does Anxiety Lead To Stroke?

Have you ever been so stressed that your heart started to pound and you began to sweat? Dr. Oz says this is sign you are riddled with anxiety that can actually lead to serious health problems like high blood pressure or stroke. He says new research shows that multitasking could be putting you at even greater risk, but he has the solutions to help you tone down your anxiety and lower your stress. Marla Deibler says that stress increases when we experience the “uns” in life, like when things are unpredictable, uncontrollable or unfamiliar. She told Dr. Oz we all experience anxiety which happens anytime we feel threatened in some way.

Dr Oz: Anxiety Scale Test

Marla Deibler shared her Anxiety Scale Test to help you determine your level of stress. When answering the questions you need to consider your experiences in the last two weeks and respond with a numerical response.

0 Points= Not at all, 1 Point= For several days, 2 Points= More than half the days, 3 Points= Nearly every day


  1. Elson says

    Hi,Dr.Oz can you give me advice please. I have been taking lexapro for anxiety for about 5 months now. I was wondering how can I stop taking it without causing harm to me. I am the kind of person that I can eat any kind of food to get off this medication. Can you please help me with advice, or vitamin that I could take.

  2. Jessie says

    Dr. Oz,
    I have been struggling with depression and sever panic attacks for years. I am currently on buproprion (wellbutrin) and lorazepam. I was in counseling years ago and seemed better for a while, now it has come back with a vengeance. Does living away from others, like in the middle of nowhere, make anxiety worse? If I am to try these foods and drinks will I be able to stop me meds? Thanks.

  3. Jessie says

    DR. Oz,
    I have been suffering with depression for over 15 years, and severe panic attacks for 9 years. I am currently onBuproprion (wellbutrin0, and lorazapam. I was in counseling for a few years which seemed to help some. My anxiety lessened for a year or so, now it is back with a vengeance. I was wondering if I started using these foods/drinks if I would be able to stop my meds eventually?

  4. Jennifer says

    Jessie, I can identify with you as I am in a very similar situation. I got a handle on my anxiety about 8 years ago and then it started coming back and progressively got worse until I was nearly house-bound last winter. (I lived alone, middle of nowhere, no transportation options, worked from home, etc.) I am absolutely, 100% convinced that cutting myself off this way has been the reason my anxiety is back (and much worse) and my depression returned, too. I am finding getting out and “forcing” myself to go places that cause me anxiety (a little bit at a time) is helping me *more* than my meds. I plan to start trying these foods, too, in the hopes of coming off them in time. I got oolong and pumpkins seeds today. Good luck to you and hang in there!

  5. Jennifer says

    Elson, Magnesium is helping me with a “calming” effect a little bit, try taking 250mg to start with and if you don’t have any gastro upset you can take up to 500mg (but switch back to 250 if you get any tummy trouble). And I am also taking melatonin at night to help with sleep so that I feel more rested and better able to handle what might come up during the following day. Don’t just stop taking your meds as I did that once and it induced much more serious mental issues to the point of paranoia. Please talk to your doctor before you cut back or stop taking them! I believe some of these foods will be helpful so I am trying them a few at a time. Take care.

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