Dr Oz AskMD App Review & Health Buzzwords to Avoid


Dr Oz: Health Buzzwords to Avoid

Dr. Oz says that almost every product in the grocery store is labeled with health promises that could be misleading and because he does not want to see you duped anymore he is revealing the health buzzwords that scam you!

Dr Oz: Are Granola Bars a Good Source of Fiber?

What do you look for when shopping at the grocery store? Do words like “organic” and “natural” matter to you when deciding what goes into your shopping cart and eventually home to your family? Dr. Oz shares which buzzwords to avoid when reading all those confusing food labels!


  1. vanessa says

    I’ve tried installing the AskMD app but I can’t find it on my android. Is this only for iphones or why can’t I find it in my app store?

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