Dr Oz: Avoid Being Scammed & Is Calorie Count On Food Labels Accurate?


Dr Oz: Hotel Grading System

Dr. Oz and TV’s biggest investigative reporters exposed the scams you need to know about in order to protect yourself and your family! Find out what food companies are doing to save money while putting your health at risk as well as how health insurance companies are taking advantage of their customersAlso, learn what to look for the next time you check into a hotel room to be sure it is as clean as possible!

Dr Oz: Are People Too Embarrassed To Report a Scam?

Jeff Rossen, an Investigative Correspondent for the Today Show, says that oftentimes people do not report they have been scammed because they are too embarrassed. He highly encourages everyone to ask a lot of questions and even get really annoying because it will send the message to a potential scammer that you have a little knowledge and will not allow yourself to be taken advantage of by them.

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