Dr Oz: Baking Soda Lemon Juice Test & How to Avoid Fake Lemon Juice


Dr Oz: Are you Buying 100% Lemon Juice?

Today’s Dr. Oz show is dedicated to warning you about the counterfeit foods that you are buying without even realizing it! Doctor Oz is angry and appalled that fish you purchase is often being swapped out for cheaper species, especially at your favorite sushi restaurant. He is also upset that his favorite heart-healthy ingredient is often not what it seems. Find out his test to see if your olive oil is really extra virgin or it if it is something else altogether.

Dr Oz: Fake Lemon Juice

Dr. Oz’s next counterfeit food is that one that many of us use every day, which is lemon juice. Shaun Kennedy shared the revealing facts about lemon juice that include they are not always 100% lemon juice as the labels often promise, with ingredients like water and/or sugar being added without you knowing. Of all things, Dr. Oz wonders why we lemon juice is a common counterfeit food, but as he has said before Shaun Kennedy told Dr. Oz it comes down to money. He said juice is a common item where companies can save a lot of money by adding other ingredients, like water, which happens most often because consumers cannot tell the difference.

Dr Oz: Baking Soda Lemon Juice Test

Dr Oz: Baking Soda Lemon Juice Test & How to Avoid Fake Lemon Juice

Dr Oz says the best way to be sure you are getting 100% lemon juice is by squeezing it fresh from real lemons!


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