Dr Oz: Belly Bloat Jeans Test & Dr Robynne Chutkan Gutbliss Review

By on October 14, 2013

Dr Oz: How to Get Rid of Belly Bloat

Are you tired of feeling like your belly is always bloated? Today is the day you end your frustration because Dr. Oz has solutions to get rid of belly bloat once and for all!

Dr Oz: Belly Fat vs Belly Bloat The Jeans Test

Dr. Oz says the first thing you need to determine is whether you have belly fat or if your belly is bloated because there is definitely a difference. Here is a simple self-test:

Jeans Test – If you can fit into your jeans fine in the morning, but are not able to button those same jeans in the evening, that is called bloat.

If you cannot get your jeans on at all in the morning, then that is simply a problem with belly fat.

Dr Oz: Does Chewing Gum Cause Bloating?

Dr Oz: Belly Bloat Jeans Test & Dr Robynne Chutkan Gutbliss Review

Dr Robynne Chutkan says chewing too much gum can actually cause you to go up 2 dress sizes!

While many of us believe belly bloat is caused by the foods we eat, there is surprising new evidence that reveals there are many other things that cause this uncomfortable condition!

Chewing Gum – Eating too much gum can literally cause you to go up two dress sizes!

Talking on the phone – For every word you put out, your belly could be taking in too much air.

Drinking a sports drink after exercising – This could be adding inches to your waistline.

Dr Oz: Gutbliss Review Dr Robynne Chutkan

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, author of Gutbliss, says women’s digestive tracts differ from men’s so we need to eat differently in order to avoid bloating. Dr. Chutkan says you can get rid of your belly bloat in as little as 10 days, but each person is different so the time it takes can vary. She says there are several reasons women experience bloating, including a curvy colon.

A curvy colon – Dr. Chutkan says on average a female colon is 5 inches longer and curvier than a male’s, which means the foods we eat every day have to go through a lengthier digestive process. Air pockets can also cause big problems for women because there can be many of them in a woman’s colon, blocking food from getting through.

Dr Oz: Ginger Chews Review

Dr. Robynne Chutkan has a few easy solutions to bust your bloat and get you the flat tummy you have always wanted.

Eat either of these before every meal to help prevent bloating.

Dr Oz: Do Sports Drinks Make you Bloated?

Dr. Chutkan says bloating is often caused by consuming too much sugar or sugar substitutes. For example, Sorbitol found sports drinks gets fermented in the colon and causes gas which then leads to bloating. While you feel you are exercising right and drinking sugar-free sports drinks, in reality you are adding inches to your waist due to gas build-up.

Dr Oz: Coconut Water Review

Dr. Chutkan says water is clearly the best choice to hydrate, but if you need something with a little flavor she recommends Coconut Water.

  • Unsweetened
  • Low in calories
  • Low in sugar
  • Contains electrolytes

Dr Oz: Meal Swap to Reduce Bloating

The most shocking revelation for Dr. Oz was to learn that our digestion stalls after dark. He says your belly basically has a bedtime and Dr. Chutkan explained how our GI tract is more active during the day and more inactive in the evening, which unfortunately is when many people consume most of their calories. For this reason, she recommends flipping your lunch and dinner so you are eating a bigger meal in the middle of the day and a lighter one in the evening.

Dr. Chutkan says making this simple change to the way you eat will help you reduce your bloat and lose weight!

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