Dr. Oz: Ben Pollinger’s Salmon Salad with Spinach and Mustard Recipe


Dr. Oz: Eating Fish Right

Dr. Oz talked to world-renowned Chef Ben Pollinger about ways to eat fish right, because he recently learned he has too much mercury in his diet. Ben Pollinger set up his own little fish market in Dr. Oz’s studio to talk about the different kinds of fish.

Dr. Oz: Low-Mercury Fish & Identifying Fresh Fish

Ben Pollinger’s low-mercury options were fresh sardines, shrimp, oysters, fresh water trout, and salmon. With fresh fish, you want the fish to shine and sparkle. That helps you identify their freshness, because as the fish ages it’s not going to sparkle as much. Make sure the eye is clear and not sunken, you want it to be plump and bright. The gills should be bright red. And when you press the fish, where you press should have some give, but it should spring right back.

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