Dr Oz: Bizarre Food Additives & What are Dough Conditioners?


Dr Oz: Bizarre Food Additives

The food industry is adding some bizarre ingredients to the processed foods you buy most and today Dr. Oz asked insider Bruce Bradley to share what they are and what you can do to avoid them.

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Dr Oz: Bizarre Food Additives & What are Dough Conditioners?

Dr Oz reveals bizarre additives found in the processed foods you buy most, including ice cream containing sawdust.



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    Realy you have turned myself and others against eating bread,full of feathers and human hair,what was your guest thinking,what countries use these ingredients in bread making,would like and answer???

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    Food additives, like feathers, human hair, wood shavings, etc. are added to foods in the USA, that is probably the only country. We have a lot of contamination in the USA foods. Many would totally be shocked to learn how the foods here are raised. Start researching, because all if it is true, about the additives. Cellulose for year I wondered why it was in foods and what it was? Feathers, and human hair, what a shocker. I don’t eat the foods anymore, so consider myself lucky.

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