Dr Oz: Cameron Diaz’s Better Body Tips & Is Quinoa Pasta Gluten-Free?


Dr Oz: The Body Book Cameron Diaz

If Dr. Oz said that you could have a better body in just 24 hours, would you believe him? He says it really is possible and that is why he is sitting down with Cameron Diaz to discuss her 24-Hour Body plan to change your body and improve your health.

Dr Oz: Cameron Diaz’s Better Body Tips

Cameron Diaz, author of The Body Book, says she wanted to help women understand their bodies at a cellular level because that is when you become more empowered to make informed choices to transform your health. Cameron says we need to stop comparing ourselves to other women because it is a waste of energy and only brings about negativity and poor health. Her mission is to help women everywhere get the most healthy, vital, and capable body they are able to have and that is why she is sharing the four important steps to make that happen!


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