Dr Oz: Coffee Improves Health? Light Roast VS Dark Roast Coffee


Dr Oz: Health Benefits Of Coffee

So you love coffee but what if you learned that it can actually improve your health? Pretty exciting news, right? Nutrition expert Dr. Bob Arnot was thrilled to join Dr Oz to explain why he believes coffee just may be the healthiest indulgence if your day. Dr Arnot has written fifteen books on nutrition and now Dr Arnot is sharing his research on the health benefits of the most popular drink in the world after water: coffee.

Dr Oz: Researching The Benefits Of Coffee

Dr Arnot traveled across the world in search of the healthiest coffee beans, then studied how to roast and grind the beans to preserve the most important health compounds: polyphenols. After conducting tests both in his lab and with real-life test subjects, Dr Arnot perfected “the brewing blueprint” to help you lose weight, feel energized without the jitters, boost your mood, and ward off the most feared diseases. Dr Arnot was now willing to share his secrets for picking the best beans without going broke, while maximizing the health benefits of your morning cup of coffee.


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