Dr Oz: Canned Pink Salmon Review & Tips to Save Money on Prescriptions


Dr Oz: Cheap Superfoods

When you hear the word superfood do you automatically think super expensive? Dr. Oz is ready to change all that because today he has ridiculously cheap superfoods that should be on your next shopping list!

Dr Oz: Canned Pink Salmon High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Dr. Oz has the best superfoods to give you the most bang for your buck and the best part is that they can be found right at your local grocery store!


  1. ann says

    I am allergic to bee stings. Why did the price of epi pens go up? I don’t have any insurance and in great need for a epi pen. Can you help???

  2. ann says

    Hi , I am allergic of bee stings. Can you tell me why the price of epi pens went up. I have no insurance and need an epi pen. Can you help please.

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