Dr Oz: Caramel Color Linked to Cancer & What is 4-MEI?


Dr Oz: What is Caramel Color?

Today’s Dr. Oz Show is going to change the way you shop for your family’s food when he reveals the shocking findings from an investigation into the dangerous ingredient manufacturers do not want you to know about. Learn the truth about the harm it is causing to your body and find out how to avoid adding it to your shopping cart.

Dr Oz: Is Caramel Color Safe?

Caramel coloring is a dangerous ingredient lurking in your favorite foods and could be putting you at an increased risk for cancer. It is often used to add a brown color to soda, bread, and many of the other products you buy every week, but some are calling for a warning to be placed on the labels so consumers know the risk they are taking when eating those foods or drinking certain beverages.

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