Dr Oz: Caramel Color Linked to Cancer & What is 4-MEI?

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Dr Oz: Caramel Color Linked to Cancer & What is 4-MEI?

By on January 24, 2014

Dr Oz: What is Caramel Color?

Today’s Dr. Oz Show is going to change the way you shop for your family’s food when he reveals the shocking findings from an investigation into the dangerous ingredient manufacturers do not want you to know about. Learn the truth about the harm it is causing to your body and find out how to avoid adding it to your shopping cart.

Dr Oz: Is Caramel Color Safe?

Caramel coloring is a dangerous ingredient lurking in your favorite foods and could be putting you at an increased risk for cancer. It is often used to add a brown color to soda, bread, and many of the other products you buy every week, but some are calling for a warning to be placed on the labels so consumers know the risk they are taking when eating those foods or drinking certain beverages.

Dr Oz: Caramel Color Linked to Cancer & What is 4-MEI?

Dr Oz revealed the truth about Caramel Color, which is found in many products and increases your risk for cancer.

Dr. Urvashi Rangan tells Dr. Oz that Consumer Reports is concerned about caramel color as an ingredient because of the potential risk for cancer that it poses, which occurs when the chemical is produced at temperatures and combined with other ingredients. California has already taken action and required products that contain caramel color come with a warning label.

Dr Oz: Pepsi One Contains Cancer-Causing Caramel Color

Dr. Rangan says she and her team at Consumer Reports took a look at various soft drinks that contain caramel color to test for the presence of the chemical 4-MEI, which is dangerous when consumed in high amounts. She says they tested 12 different brands of soda manufactured in different areas of the country and they found varying levels of 4-MEI in each of them, some with much higher levels than others.

  • Malta Goya (California) was found to contain the highest level of 4-MEI with over 350 micrograms per bottle. The safety threshold in California is 29 micrograms.
  • Pepsi One contained much less than Malta Goya, with 43 micrograms, which is still higher than California’s threshold for products to require a warning a label.
  • Pepsi and Diet Pepsi manufactured in California both came in just under the 29 microgram threshold, whereas other brands like Coca Cola came in way low with just 5 micrograms per serving.

Dr. Rangan says when Consumer Reports studied soft drinks manufactured in other areas of the country, like New York, they found the levels of 4-MEI to be quite high, but a few months later they were much lower. She explains this is probably due to the fact that California has the labeling requirement in place, whereas other states in the country do not.

Dr Oz: What Does “All Natural” Really Mean?

Dr. Urvashi Rangan says that Consumer Reports is asking the FDA to set a limit for 4-MEI and to require manufacturers disclose to consumers what type of caramel color is in the products they are buying. She also says they want the FDA to prohibit products labeled as “natural” from containing caramel color. For example, the soft drink Dr. Snap claims to be “all natural” and containing “nothing artificial”, yet there is caramel color (an artificial ingredient) listed on the label.

Dr Oz: Does Caramel Color Cause Cancer?

Dr. Oz says the concern goes beyond soft drinks because caramel color is also found in darker colored breads, dark gravies, and especially imitation syrup, which is the kind most often poured over pancakes. Dr. Oz is angry at the fact we are allowing a known carcinogen to be used in our food supply, but the FDA does not agree because they believe it does not pose an immediate problem. Dr. Rangan says the bottom line is that daily exposure to caramel color containing 4-MEI increases a person’s risk for cancer and she does not believe coloring a food brown is worth that risk.

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