Dr Oz: Cashew Walnut Butter vs Almond & Sunbutter For Weight Loss


Dr Oz: Best Nut Butters To Lose Weight

Do you know what nut butters are best if you’re trying to lose weight? As part of Dr. Oz’s The Great Nut Debate show, he covered the Truth About KIND Bars and the best nut butters for us to eat as part of a healthy diet! His medical team looked into the various nut butters on the market and came up with their top three that they believe you should try immediately. But first, Mark Schatzker joined Dr Oz to share what he thinks everyone should know, in general, when buying peanut butter. Mark explained that even peanut butter, like everything else unfortunately, has gotten complicated.

You no longer see just regular peanut butter on grocery store shelves. Now, you’re faced with reduced fat, low-sodium, all-natural and more.  So which is healthier, reduced fat peanut butter or regular peanut butter?  Which type will  help you to lose more weight?  The answers are revealed on the next page…

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