Dr Oz: Chicken Safety Tips & Factory Chickens Bathed in Chlorine?


Dr Oz: Factory Chicken Chemical Baths

Investigative reporter Christopher Leonard was able to infiltrate the chicken industry firsthand to see how the poultry is made, processed, and prepared and he shared several of his concerns with Dr. Oz.

Chickens are “bathed” in powerful chemicals, including Peracetic Acid and Liquid Chlorine to clean them of any bacteria or other germs. Dr. Oz explains that ingesting high amounts of either can cause damage to internal organs and increase a person’s risk for cancer, but the scary part is that Christopher Leonard says there is no way to know just how much of these harsh chemicals is left on the chickens after they are processed. He adds that chickens go through several chemical baths when being processed, so research needs to be done to determine just how much residue is being left behind and potentially putting a consumer’s health at risk.


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