Dr Oz: Collagen Protein Powder, Healthy Pork Rinds & Aloe Yogurt


Dr Oz: Up & Coming Health Products

There are more than 3,000 new health food and drinks coming to a store near you. With the help of author and health journalist Max Lugavere, Dr Oz wanted to count down the top ten that have the nutrition world buzzing. Max visited the largest convention for natural foods to uncover some of the newest buzz-worthy health foods and drinks. He visited Anaheim, California to attend the Natural Products Expo West.

Dr Oz: Natural Products Expo West

Max sipped on brain-boosting coffee creamer, bit into all-natural potato chips, and snacked on dill pickle-flavored peanuts. He even peddled a bike with a blender attached to make his own smoothie. Max also taste-tested Phat Fudge, before joining Dr Oz to talk about some of his favorite finds.


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