Dr Oz: Corn Sensitivity Symptoms and Frozen Fruit Hidden Source of Corn


Dr Oz: Gluten Intolerance vs Corn Sensitivity

Dr. Oz says that while many of you might be gluten-intolerant, experts says there is another culprit you need to be aware because it is in nearly everything you eat! Corn might just be the new gluten that is causing symptoms including headache, hives and nausea, so Dr. Oz revealed how to figure out if corn might be a problem for you.

Dr Oz: GMO Corn Leads to Leaky Gut Syndrome

Most people who go on a gluten-free diet tend to lean toward foods that contain corn as replacements in their diet, but unfortunately this could be causing more problems, so Dr. Oz asked Dr. Amy Myers to help explain corn-sensitivity. Dr. Myers says the biggest problem is that corn is in everything you eat, especially if you have gone gluten-free with your diet, and often under hidden names that you might not even recognize. She also mentions that nearly 90% of corn in the United States if GMO corn, which experts believe leads to a Leaky Gut.

Dr Oz: Corn Sensitivity Quiz

Dr Oz: Corn Sensitivity Symptoms and Frozen Fruit Hidden Source of Corn

Dr Amy Myers says that some frozen fruits and vegetables could contain corn as a preservative, so it is best to avoid them if you suspect a corn sensitivity.

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