Dr Oz: Daily Salt Recommendation & Prevent Constipation When Traveling


Dr Oz: Daily Salt Recommendation

Today Dr. Oz is answering your biggest health questions and nothing is off-limits! See if he addresses an issue you are having, but are too afraid to ask your own doctor.

Dr Oz: Best Way to Remove Belly Button Lint

Do you ever get lint, dirt or sweat in your belly button? Dr. Oz says it all can build up and lead to a foul odor, but it is usually nothing to worry about. He says you should avoid poking it with anything sharp and instead recommends getting into a warm shower to safely loosen it up and clean it out.

Dr Oz: What Causes Sneezing after Love-Making?

The next question comes from a woman who says she often goes into a sneezing fit after being intimate with her husband. She says it is embarrassing, but Dr. Oz assures her this is good news because it means she was stimulated. While it would be very awkward, Dr. Oz recommends she plug her nose, which will prevent the sneezing fit after making love with her husband.

Dr Oz: Tip to Prevent Constipation When Traveling

Dr Oz: Daily Salt Recommendation & Prevent Constipation When Traveling

Dr Oz says there is controversial new evidence that shows too little salt could be just as bad for your health as too much, so for the first time he is changing his daily recommendation to 2,300 MG.

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