Dr Oz: Detoxifying Foods List & Rice Protein Powder Heavy Metal Danger


Dr Oz: Rice Protein Powder Heavy Metal Warning

Mike Adams says that while the levels of heavy metals in most foods or supplements are not enough to make you sick or send you to the hospital he is worried about the long-term effects they could have on your health if you eat them day after day and year after year.

  • Protein Powders: Rice protein powders, especially those from Asian countries like China, contain toxic levels of heavy metals. Mike says the same product made in America was found to be much safer.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Supplements: Ginkgo grown in the U.S. was found to be safe, but Ginkgo imported from China was found to contain almost 5 parts per million of lead, which is even higher than the protein powders. Ginkgo is great for brain function, but Mike recommends doing your research before choosing a supplement for your family.
  • Cacao: This is a wonderful superfood, but it was found to contain high amounts of heavy metals.

Mike Adams strongly believes the FDA needs to set limits for toxic heavy metals and they need to follow through and make sure food companies are abiding by those limits.

Dr Oz: Prop 65 Lead Limits

Dr Oz: Detoxifying Foods List & Rice Protein Powder Heavy Metal Danger

Dr Oz recommends detoxifying foods to protect yourself from harmful heavy metals. They include strawberries, almonds, and broccoli.


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