Dr Oz: Duck Dynasty Robertson Family & Is Squirrel Meat Good for You?


Dr Oz: Best Way to Eat Alligator Meat

Is Squirrel Meat Good for You?

Dr Oz says squirrel meat, which is a staple for the Duck Dynasty Robertson family, is actually very good for you since it is lean and low in saturated fat.

If I told you “the beards” were on the Dr. Oz Show today, would you automatically know who I was referring to or would you have no idea? How about if I said Dr. Oz is talking “Quack Medicine with the Cast of ‘Duck Dynasty’”, would that clear up your confusion?

Dr Oz: Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family Healthiest in America?

Dr. Oz says while the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame have become financially successful, they have managed to remain down-to-earth thanks to their humble upbringing and constant faith in God. He also believes they just might be the healthiest family in America, especially Uncle Si who drinks about 2 gallons of tea, that he personally brews, every single day. Dr. Oz says that tea is loaded with antioxidants and he was especially surprised to hear Uncle Si drinks it unsweetened since tea is typically drank sweetened in the south.

Dr Oz: Duck Dynasty Family Strong Faith Keeps Them Together

Willie Robertson says his family’s strong faith is what keeps them together and prevents them from fighting. He told Dr. Oz their prayer at the dinner table symbolizes how they always come back together at the end of the day to forgive each other and move on, which he believes is a key lesson for any family to learn if they want to be happy and love one another.

Dr Oz: Is Squirrel Meat Good for You?

Dr. Oz turned his attention to what the Robertson family eats in order to stay healthy. They all love Miss K’s cooking, who says the key to a Robertson man’s heart is through his stomach. Much of what she cooks for her family is wild game, like squirrel, which Dr. Oz says is quite healthy to eat since it is such a lean meat and low in saturated fat. Jase Robertson says his favorite food is actually frog legs, referring to it as the “only white meat”, and telling Dr. Oz he has loved it since he was a little boy.
As one final surprise for Dr. Oz, Phil brought a cooler of his Miss K’s homemade alligator balls, not to confused with alligator testicles since these are made of alligator jaw meat and rolled into a ball. Dr. Oz took one bite and said they were “to die for.”
Would you ever eat squirrel or alligator meat? If you have, what did you think?


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