Dr Oz: Eat Donuts & Lose Weight, Splinter Remedy & Are Eggs Unhealthy?


Dr Oz: Mouthwash Dandruff Remedy

Dr. Oz and his next guest have some surprising advice. They said some foods you have been told to avoid could actually be okay to eat as long as you know what they are and when you should eat them.

Dr Oz: Rovenia Brock Nutrition Coach

Dr. Oz had some advice that might surprise you because he said that some of your guilty pleasure foods can actually be good for you if you know what to eat and when to eat it. Nutrition coach Rovenia Brock explained that there is a lot of misinformation out there about what is not healthy and she was ready help Dr. Oz clear that up today.

Dr Oz: Oil-Based Salad Dressings High In Omega-3s

Rovenia Brock said that while many salad dressings filled with fat are bad for you, there are some that she actually wants you to use on your salad. Some of the high fat salad dressings actually contain healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart and your brain, especially when they are combined the leafy greens in a salad. Rovenia just said to be sure you buy oil-based dressings rather than creamy ones.

Dr Oz: Cholesterol In Eggs Not Bad For You

Eggs have often gotten a bad rap, especially because of the amount of cholesterol they were found to have, even though they are a good source of protein. Dr. Oz is ready to crack the myth on eggs and open your eyes to their true health benefits. He explained that the cholesterol in eggs actually has very little effect on the cholesterol in your body, so enjoy them all you want!


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