Dr Oz: Fake Fiber-Fortified Foods? + Healthy Ways To Get More


Dr Oz: Are Fiber-Fortified Foods Fake?

Many consumers are desperate for ways to get more fiber in their diet to help move things along in their digestive system, help them lose weight, and even achieve a flatter stomach. But could many of those fiber-fortified foods actually be fake? Dr Oz enlisted Jenna Wolfe to investigate. Foods fortified with fiber are everywhere from hot chocolate to cottage cheese. While fiber-fortified foods can certainly help fill you up, in the case of cookies, it would take five of them to get your daily dose of fiber, which is 600 calories, 50 grams of sugar and 110 carbohydrates! Fiber-fortified foods also cost more than the regular version of the same food, which is bad news for your diet.

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