Dr Oz: Fake Olive Oil Vs Cocaine Profits & Dr Oz Olive Oil Purity Test

By on February 11, 2013

Dr Oz: 65% of Olive Oil is Fake!

Dr. Oz is uncovering the biggest supermarket lies that you need to hear about! The first case of counterfeit foods that he revealed was fish, including the most common species that are often replaced with cheaper versions so the vendor can save money. Do you eat sushi? You must see this see this warning before you place your next order!

Dr Oz: Counterfeit Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The next grocery store food fraud is with a product that is near and dear to Dr. Oz’s heart. That product is Extra Virgin Olive Oil and many experts believe that nearly 70% of EVOO sold worldwide is fake. Dan Flynn, from the U.S. Davis Olive Center, explained that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality of olive oil because it comes from the juice of crushed olives and no heat, chemicals or solvents are used. Dan went on to clarify that the juice of an olive is a combination of water and oil, which are separated so the oil can be bottled.

Dan Flynn said a recent study done by his organization found that 65% of the most popular brands of imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil found at the grocery store did not meet the basic standards for extra virgin, even though that is how they were labeled. Shaun Kennedy added there are actually cases where ingredients are added to make oil “look” like extra virgin olive oil or it is different oil altogether that is in the bottle that is made to look the same as extra virgin olive oil. This revelation appalls and even angers Dr. Oz, especially since so many of us are spending more money to purchase a product that is beneficial to our health, but it might be something completely different.

Dr Oz: Fake Olive Oil More Profitable than Cocaine Trade

Dr Oz: Fake Olive Oil vs Cocaine Profits & Dr Oz Olive Oil Purity Test

Dan Flynn says to pay close attention the harvest date on your olive oil bottle, not the expiration date.

Dr. Oz was shocked when Shaun Kennedy revealed that the practice of producing fake olive oil is more profitable than selling cocaine, but the penalties are much less for a person selling fake olive oil, of course. Shaun said it all comes down to money and profit for many companies so they keep producing fake product and we are being duped at the grocery store.

Dr Oz: Avoid Fake Olive Oil

Dan Flynn offered a few tips to help you avoid getting fake extra virgin olive oil at the grocery store.

  • Purchase in a dark glass bottle
  • Keep away from light and heat
  • Look for the harvest date on the bottle and purchase within 15 months of that date
  • Look for a quality seal, like one from the California Olive Oil Council
  • Check site of production because olive oil is often packed in one country, but produced in another.

Dr Oz: Olive Oil Refrigerator Test

Dr. Oz shared his personal test to see if your extra virgin olive oil is authentic. He says it works for his family and experts agree it is a good method. Place your bottle of extra virgin olive oil in the fridge. If it solidifies, or freezes, you have a pure ingredient. If it stays in a liquid state there is a good chance you do not have real extra virgin olive oil.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Fake Olive Oil Vs Cocaine Profits & Dr Oz Olive Oil Purity Test

  1. Does this appy to grapeseed oil as well please? Also my new olive oil is from Spain.any problem there?

  2. oliveoilguy says:

    The olive oil test you propose is just plain wrong. It doesn’t detect fake oils at all – I’d suggest that anyone interested in the topic of the fridge test to google i to find out why.

  3. Fridge or freezer. Mine solidified in freezer but not in the refrigerator.

  4. Is it possible to get the names of the companies that sell the real EVOO?

  5. file class action lawsuits Pompeian fail & naooa fail fridge test.

  6. I bought Colavita extra virgin olive oil yesterday. It has a certified authentic label in a dark green glass bottle. But to my disappointment did not solidify in the fridge. So does this mean there is fake labeling with authenticity too? I’m disgusted . I am bringing back the bottle which I paid $15.99 to Waldbaums. Thank you to DR. OZ . The consumer is the only one who can make companies stop fraud.

  7. I have Trader Joes EVOO. I usually trust trader joes products. It does not solidify in the freezer. I am reading online that most actually don’t… What are some brands of evoo that you reccomend?

  8. mary smith says:

    Re: Exta Virgin Olive oil test = have tried 3 brands: Pompeian & Newman & Bionature – none solidify in frig. Like others, I am asking if any one’s olive oil passed the test? And what is the product name? Thanks

  9. Jake thomason says:

    I’d recommend Orontes d’Antioch. They have great products that actually have a story, helping the farmers and community in Southeastern Turkey. The olive oil is produced in Antioch, the region where the first olive trees were cultivated in the world! The taste profile in my opinion is a fit for everyone. Prices are a bit higher than your average brand but you get the best quality and the purest product.

  10. My Walmart brand passed the test! Froze up solid as a rock in the fridge!

  11. California Grown CORTO Olive Co. passed the fridge test last night! It became a solid! So excited, this was our first try! It’s in a dark glass bottle, the harvest date was November 2012 (bought it yesterday), is 100% extra virgin olive oil grown and milled in their CA farms in the wine region of Lodi; label says they are pressed within hours of harvest.

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