Dr Oz: Fast-Food Chicken Test: What’s Really In Subway’s Chicken?


Dr Oz: Fast Food Chicken DNA Test

In one of the biggest scandals to rock the fast food industry, Subway, one of the largest fast food sandwich chains, came under fire when reports claimed their chicken sandwich contained just 50% chicken. Customers hoping to eat healthier at a fast food restaurant often go with chicken but recent reports have many wondering if they’re even eating chicken at all.

Did CBC Marketplace Lie About Subway’s Chicken?

A Canadian news program, CBC Marketplace, selected six fast food sandwiches for independent DNA testing. Samples from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, A&W, and Tim Hortons came back at least 84% chicken DNA, which experts say is a normal given that the chicken also contains seasoning, breading, and binding. However, according to the study, one sample from Subway was just 53.6% chicken and the other was just 43%. If it’s not chicken, then what else is in there?

Dr Oz: Subway Fake Chicken Reports + Restructured Chicken & DNA

Dr Oz welcomed a representative from Subway to his show as he discussed rumors that their chicken was just 50% chicken. (ginnerobot / Flickr)

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