Dr Oz: Fast Food Packaging’s Dangerous Chemicals PFOS & PFOA


Dr Oz: Does Fast Food Packaging Contain Dangerous Chemicals?

A reported 80% of people eat fast food at least once a month and at least 50% of Americans eat fast food once a week. But according to Dr Oz, the worst part may not actually be the food but the wrappers. He launched a food investigation to learn whether dangerous chemicals could be lurking in fast food.

But first, Dr Oz explained that fast food companies had to come up with a way for customers to transport burgers and other food easily. The first fast food wrappers were created but they were typically thin wax paper or contact paper. But the paper couldn’t withstand the intense moisture so companies added chemicals to the wrappers. But can those chemicals leach into your food and into your body?  Lets take a closer look on the next page…

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