Dr Oz Food Combinations: Fight PMS with Eggs & Omega-3 Sources


Dr. Oz: Best Foods to Fight PMS

Dr. Oz says you can get the most out of your meals by combining the right foods together to give you the most nutritional value, so he invited two audience members to help show you how! Dr. Oz explained that when you combine certain foods with each other you can supercharge your energy, increase your weight loss and even boost the overall nutrition in your body. It is more simple than you realize, so let’s get started!

Dr Oz: Spinach + Avocado for Good Vision

In order to absorb the Vitamin A in spinach, you need to eat it with fat, so combining spinach with avocado is a great way to improve your vision.

Dr Oz: PMS Food Combo Cure

Dr Oz: Omega-3 Health Benefits and Food Sources & Fight PMS with Eggs

Dr Oz says Omega-3s are the most important thing you can put in your body and some of the best food sources include salmon, walnuts and beans.


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