Dr Oz Food Danger Zone: Eating Cookie Dough & Cutting Mold Off Food


Dr Oz: Solving Food Dilemmas

Dr. Oz says he gets asked so many questions from his fans and many of them are about whether it is okay to eat certain foods, so he is answering some of your questions today with the help of a celebrity panel of special guests. Is eating raw cookie dough safe? What about cutting mold off food? Also, find out about the Dr Oz food danger zone.

Dr Oz: Cutting Mold Off Food

Question 1: Is it ok to cut the mold off food and eat it? Aaron McCargo, Jr., host of Big Daddy’s House, joined Dr. Oz to help answer this question. He says it is okay to cut the mold off a food like cheese, as long it is not a soft cheese, and still eat it. He offers the added tip of dipping your knife in flour, so you can get a nice clean cut and the cheese will not stick to the knife.

  • Answer: Dr. Oz says that Big Daddy is absolutely right because especially in the case of a hard cheese, the mold cannot penetrate, so you can simply cut out the bad part and still have perfectly good and safe cheese to eat and enjoy. In softer foods, like bread, this is not the case because since it is soft, the mold can penetrate, so you will need to throw it out.

Dr Oz: Eating Cookie Dough Raw

Food Danger Zone

Sheamus Mullen, a restaurateur, warns that there is a danger zone with food that you need to avoid. It is when foods are at temperatures between 40 degrees and 140 degrees.

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