Dr Oz: Foods that Lower Cholesterol & Heart Attack Risk Factors


Dr Oz: Foods that Lower Cholesterol

Dr. Oz has breaking news about statins that will change the way you take medication from now on. He reveals the new heart foods as powerful as statins that could impact the lives of 35 million Americans already taking the drugs and improve their health without a need for pills. Get the food list that will improve your heart health and add years to your life!

Dr Oz: Heart Attack Risk Factors

Could an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Better yet, there is a new study that suggests an apple a day could keep statins away while improving your cholesterol and preventing heart disease and strokes without the harmful side effects of statin medications. Did you know that taking statins can lead to muscle damage and increase your risk for Diabetes, but an apple only contains about 100 calories with no side effects? Dr. Oz says that while statin drugs work to lower cholesterol, they do not do a lot for other serious heart attack risk factors, including high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar, which is why he has a list of foods that will help lower your risk for heart disease and end your need for statins.

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