Dr Oz: Foods That Suppress Appetite & Orange Juice Boosts Metabolism


Dr Oz: What is Sensory Specific Satiety?

If you are having trouble losing weight, your metabolism could be the problem, but Dr. Oz says there is hope because if you can figure out your metabolism personality you can learn how to speed it up!

The Meal Skipper is someone who believes they can indulge on two big meals because they didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast. The problem is, this actually slows down your metabolism, so Dr. Oz says you need to eat more throughout the day by making breakfast your biggest meal of the day, eating a medium sized meal for lunch and enjoying a small meal for dinner. Basically, eat ‘like a queen’ at breakfast, a princess at lunch and a pauper at dinner.

  • Get 30 grams of protein at breakfast to sustain you all day long.

Dr Oz: Drink Orange Juice to Jump Start Metabolism in Morning

The next metabolism personality type is called a Loser/Gainer because they are hyper vigilant while on a diet by eating all the right foods and exercising, but when they are done with the diet, they gain all the weight back that they lost. This is usually because you have a slow metabolism to begin with, so Dr. Oz has a suggestion to help give your metabolism a boost first thing in the morning!

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