Dr Oz: Foods to Boost Your Memory & Does Gingko Biloba Cause Cancer?


Dr Oz: Can Eating Eggs Improve Your Memory?

Many people believe that they can think better, faster and longer if they take Ginkgo Biloba, but Dr. Oz has a warning that everyone needs to hear! He says this brain boosting herb could actually be doing you more harm than good and he is ready to reveal why!

Dr Oz: Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits

Ginkgo has been used to treat many healthy issues over the years, including memory, concentration and headaches. Dr. Oz says the list actually goes on and on with some believing Ginkgo could also treat hearing problems, asthma, and digestion issues. He says new research, shows the potential benefits are outweighed by the risks, however, so he asked an expert to join him and explain the harm Ginkgo Biloba might be causing you or someone you care about.

Dr Oz: Does Ginkgo Biloba Cause Cancer?

Dr. Russell Greenfield says there have been recent studies that suggest Ginkgo might increase a person’s risk for liver or thyroid cancer, as evidence showed when high doses were given to mice and rats. To be fair, Dr. Oz pointed out the type of Ginkgo used in these tests was not the same type that is found in most supplements that are purchased on store shelves. Dr. Greenfield agreed with Dr. Oz and says the bottom line is that we need more research because the form of Ginkgo that was used in these tests is not the same as the kind that has been shown to provide health benefits for many years.

Dr Oz: Ginkgo Biloba to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr Oz: Foods to Boost Your Memory & Does Gingko Biloba Cause Cancer?

Dr Oz says there are natural ways to boost your memory starting with the foods you eat, like eggs, shrimp and beets!


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