Dr Oz: Four Tips To Prevent a Heart Attack & Healthy Chip Maker Review


Dr Oz: Does Vitamin D Prevent a Heart Attack?

Dr. Oz and Ariel Joseph Towne shared how you can improve the Feng Shui in your home to get better sleep at night and now he is moving on to the kitchen where he is sharing the best kitchen gadgets to transform your health! Also find out what you need to keep in your bathroom to prevent a heart attack.

Dr Oz: Debbie Meyer Ultra Lite Green Boxes Review

Dr. Oz is working his way through your home to help you improve your health and the next stop is the kitchen! Danny Seo, a food expert, brought along the best kitchen gadgets to transform your health. He focused on gadgets that will make your cooking fast and fun while using fresh and healthy ingredients, something he promises Dr. Oz will love.

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