Dr Oz: GMO Crop Pesticide Resistance + Pesticide Exposure Health Risks


Dr Oz: Does Pesticide Exposure Cause Learning Disabilities?

The use of pesticides has literally exploded in recent years and Dr. Oz is concerned about how much of these harmful chemicals you and your children are consuming. They are used on more crops and food products than you might realize, and while trace amounts of pesticides in your body will not harm you, they can build up in your system and lead to serious health problems in the future. Dr. Oz enlisted the help of reporter Elisabeth Leamy to get to the bottom of GMOs and pesticide usage in our country!

Dr Oz: GMO Crops Pesticide Resistance

GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms, are used in about 80% of all processed foods and are probably in the many of the things you love to eat. According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, GMO crops require less chemical pesticides, but is that really true and does it make them healthier? Dr. Michael Hansen of Consumer Reports says this claim is absolutely false because he says there has actually been explosion in the use of pesticides since the introduction of GMOs into our food crops. Dr. Hansen says the main reason for this is that weeds built up a resistance to the original pesticides, which led to heavier spraying of chemicals on engineered crops.

Dr Oz: Organic vs Conventional Foods

Dr Oz: GMO Crop Pesticide Resistance + Pesticide Exposure Health Risks

Dr Oz says you can reduce your risk for health problems by 94% by switching from conventional foods to organic foods!

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