Dr Oz: Green Tea and Swiss Cheese Blast Belly Fat + Belly Fat Myths


Dr Oz: Belly Fat Myths Busted!

Are you ready to go from fat to flat and regain your waistline? Today Dr. Oz is busting belly fat myths and providing you with solutions that really work!

Dr Oz: Can You Get Rid of Belly Fat after 40?

Dr. Oz says there are a lot of myths about belly fat, so today he is busting the myths and revealing the truth to help you understand why you get belly fat and how you can finally get rid of it. The first myth is one that many of us probably believe because we have heard it so often, but Dr. Oz says you actually can blast belly fat after the age of 40 if you know the right way to do it. He explained it is much less about your age and much more about what you eat that is preventing you from losing belly fat after 40.


  1. Maureen says

    What type of olives do you suggest with 1/2 of an avocado? Black olives or green?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Phyllis Carroll says

    Would like update on Dr.Oz t.v. show’s sent to my email, that would be nice, I love his show I watch it ever day, If this is possible I’d be one happy person. Thank you your friend Phyllis Carroll.Love the Dr. Oz show.

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