Dr Oz: Healthy Breakfast Ideas, Amaranth & First Aid S.O.S. App Review


Dr Oz: Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Dr. Oz set up a hidden camera to see what the crew of his studio neighbor The View were eating every morning for breakfast. He was not pleased with the tables filled with bagels, donuts and crispy bacon, so he secretly laid out a spread of healthier options to see how they would react. They were not exactly thrilled to see plates of fruit, a bowl filled with chia seeds, low-fat milk and walnuts, but they were good sports and a couple of them even agreed to join Dr. Oz to talk about it on his show.

Dr Oz: Tips to Avoid a Sugar Crash After Breakfast

On an average morning the crew of the television show The View are presented with a breakfast that contains 23,400 calories, 5 cups of sugar and 7.5 pounds of carbs. Dr. Oz says he is most concerned about the amount of sugar, so he offered some healthy alternatives that will give them energy rather than lead to a sugar “crash”.


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