Dr Oz: Heartburn, Bloating & Coffee Gut + Home Remedies & Relief


Dr Oz: What Is Coffee Gut?

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Whether it’s an everyday habit or an occasional treat, Dr Oz was curious to find out if that cup of joe could be the reason for your digestive issues. Could you have coffee gut? It’s quite possible that hot cup of coffee could be culprit behind your heartburn, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation.


  1. ken wallace says

    This article basically says NOTHING about relieving coffee gut!
    Apparently It says do not use milk in your coffee in order to avoid lactose.
    And you can use the trick of adding salt in order the reduce to use of sugar and milk.

    It only address the milk and sugar component of coffee drinks!
    What if you drink black coffee? you’ve eliminated the sugar and milk.
    How do you get relief from just the coffee?

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