Dr Oz: Heavy Metals in Organic Foods & FDA Heavy Metal Guidelines


Dr Oz: Organic Food Warning

Do you purchase organic foods because you believe they are healthy for your family? If so, today’s Dr. Oz show is real eye-opener when he sits down with the whistleblower who found poison in America’s food. He reveals the shocking truth about the hidden dangers lurking in the foods and supplements you buy the most because he believes you have the right to know what you are putting into your body.

Dr Oz: Health Foods Contaminated with Heavy Metals?

Dr Oz: Heavy Metals in Organic Foods & FDA Heavy Metal Guidelines

Mike Adams says some organic foods contain dangerous levels of heavy metals, but the FDA has no guidelines in place to protect us!



  1. Irene says

    Your sub head is mis leading it sounds like there are foods illegal in Canada being sold in the United States whereas the head should read foods sold in the United States would be illegal in Canada

  2. Amanda says

    Which foods is Mike talking about. How can we be prepared when we don’t know which
    foods are contaminated? The article says nothing.

    Very disappointed

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