Dr Oz: Hidden Sources of Caffeine & Echinacea Tea Caffeine Booster


Dr Oz: Does Caffeine Cause Sleep Issues?

So many Americans depend on caffeine to get them through the day, but the truth is it could be the biggest reason you cannot get a good night’s sleep. Dr. Oz says there is good news, though, because you do not have give up your favorite drink in order to get better rest.

Dr Oz: How Caffeine Affects Your Sleep

Dr. Michael Breus says a brand new study shows that some people are sensitive to caffeine, which may actually be genetic, and he has a test you can do right at home to see if it might be wrecking your sleep.


  1. Brittany says

    So can I drink just pure echinacea. We by echinacea tablets and the liquid to take. Does it have to be echinacea tea?

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