Dr Oz: How To Avoid Genetically Modified Foods & Best Organic Foods


Dr Oz: Does Corn Contain GMOs?

Dr. Oz talked with Walter Robb, CO-CEO of Whole Foods Market about their huge initiative to require mandatory labeling of all food products in their stores by 2018. He says at that time all foods containing GMOs will be required to have a label so consumers know what they are buying. He also made a huge announcement about the seafood you purchase at Whole Foods!

Dr Oz: Do You Prefer Non-Genetically Modified Foods?

Dr. Oz believes we have the right to know what is in the foods we buy and his fans agree! In a poll last fall, 91% of those who responded said they would prefer to purchase non-genetically modified foods if given the option and Michael Hansen of Consumer Reports agrees! He explained when food is genetically modified there is no control over the process by which it is done, meaning you have no idea exactly where the genes are being injected into the food. Dr. Oz explained this is a problem because a food’s DNA is important and since we have no idea exactly where the genes are being injected we also have no idea the harm it could cause to our body if we eat that food.


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