Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Healthy Takeout Pizza & Lose Weight With Chopsticks


Dr Oz: Shrimp Cocktail Healthy Appetizer

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillen was back for a visit with Dr. Oz and this time she had her best advice to help you lose weight in 2013. This time she had the rules you should follow when dining out that will help you make better choices and still be able to reach your weight loss goals.

Dr Oz Hungry Girl: Make a Plan Before Dining Out

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillen, Author of Hungry Girl to the Max, is back and this time she had tips on eating out and making healthy choices at a restaurant just by following a few simple rules. Lisa said the most important thing to do before going out to eat is to plan. Look up the restaurant online and you will most always find a full menu to browse before you even step foot in the restaurant.

Dr Oz Hungry Girl: Avoid Menu Items With Homemade In the Description

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillen said that another way to have success when eating out is to look for sneaky words on a menu. She said there are obvious words like cheesy, creamy or buttery, but there are more subtle ones to be aware of as well. Words like homemade, legendary, luscious or mama’s most definitely do not imply low-calorie, so you should avoid them when ordering at a restaurant.

Dr Oz Hungry Girl: Always Order An Appetizer

Lisa Lillien said that she always orders an appetizer when eating out, not only because it is fun to experience several courses while dining at a restaurant, but also because it will help curb your appetite so when the main course comes you will not be ravenous. Lisa said that Shrimp Cocktail is a wonderful appetizer option because it is high in protein and low in calories, as well as chicken satay.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Food Rules For 2013 – Dress Up To Eat Out

Hungry Girl Lisa Lillen said to dress up to eat out and make dinner an event because it will make you more aware of your choices. Research has shown that mindful diners eat less calories.

Dr Oz: Food Rules For 2013 – Do the “DDP”

Another rule to follow when dining out is to do the “DDP”, which is dip, do not pour, your dressings. Better yet, use plain balsamic vinegar or salsa to dress your salad.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Rules For 2013 – Healthy Takeout Pizza

Lisa Lillen explained that many people do not realize just how many calories you can save by ordering a thin crust pizza and if you ask for half the cheese you will also save an extra 80 calories per slice!

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